Travelling to Alpen, Switzerland

Travelling to Alpen, Switzerland

Travelling to Alpen, Switzerland

I know Alpen since I was a child. Even a candy has the picture of an Alpen. Then many movies mention about Alpen. So it’s why I know Alpen since I was a kid. Even though I know Alpen, I never dream that I can be there someday. I dream I can play with snow and go skiing, but as a person who live in a tropical country, the dream seems so distant. And maybe can never be a reality.

But I never guess, my work brought me to Alpen. As an engineer, I travel a lot for projects. Sometimes the travelling just within the country, sometimes must go oversea. My first experience travelling in Europe was in winter season. I was so happy because I will see and feel the snow. I never thought that I can go travelling to Alpen. It will be so costly.

And then a surprise came. My boss offer my friend and me a train ticket for free. He will pay for us. And the ticket was for travelling across Switzerland for 4 different days. What a dream come true (maybe the right term is “what a never dreaming of it that come true”). So, we plan to travel across the Switzerland. And the must seeing place is Alpen.

We go to Alpen on weekend when we both had holiday from the project. Our project place was near Bern, so we take a train from Bern to Zermatt. Zermatt is the town where Alpen is. It was a beautiful day after everyday snow without a single day weather of no snow. But during our travel to Alpen, the weather was sunny. Sunny in the winter days is a nice thing.

The best part of it was I can enjoy until the peak of Alpen. But the worst part is we can only stay in a short time and go back. Because it was only short time, I cannot learn how to sky. So the never dream is come true, but the dream still not come true.


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