The Interesting Digital Marketing Today

The Interesting Digital Marketing Today

The Interesting Digital Marketing Today

I have do blogging since 2008. At that time, the world of digital marketing is not as advance as today. It was simpler and easier to get search engine rank. Today is more difficult, but for me it is more interesting and challenging.

In 2008, all I know is only SEO (Search Engine Optimization). At that time, the only big places in the internet to get other people attention is search engine. So, as a blogger I do simple keyword research and put a backlink between friends, less than a month, my blog has come to page 1 search engine. The keyword research is also much simpler unlike today. Just type a keyword in search engine, if there was no exact result, we can use the keyword.

The SEO today is much complicated. There are 2 way to optimize in search engine result, which is offpage SEO and onpage SEO. Offpage SEO is researching keyword and optimizing the content with the keyword. Also how to create a good content to avoid bouncing rate. While for offpage SEO, there are 3 way, white hat SEO (which the most loved by search engine), grey hat SEO (as you know it is grey also for search engine) and black hat SEO (the most risky to get penalty from search engine, but it is the fastest way).

Beside SEO, today there are more 2 other way in digital marketing which is SMM (Social Media Marketing) and SEM (Search Engine Marketplace). With most of internet user interact with their family, friends and colleagues in social media, it becomes a good place for marketing something online. Some used it for branding, but some used it for direct sell too. Another way of digital marketing is SEM. With the growth of Marketplace like Amazon or Ebay, people turns their way to marketplace to buy something. With many buyer in marketplace, the seller surely follow the where the buyer gathering.

Some digital marketers are good with SEO only, some digital marketers are good with SMM only and some others are good in SEM only. The best is understand them all, so can make a good judgment which place good for each different product.


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