My Experiences Living As A Single Mummy

My Experiences Living As A Single Mummy

My Experiences Living As A Single Mummy

I have been a single mother since my daughter was born. My daughter is 14 years old now, so it has been 14 years too I am acting as a single mother. Being live in a more traditional world compare to developed country, choosing a live as a single mother is not easy. Many wrong judgments from people to a woman widower. But  for me, even if they are talking bad about me behind my back, I don’t know and I don’t care. So, for me, living as a single mum for my daughter is not too difficult as other woman in my place or my country.

The hard part living as single parent is providing living cost for both of us. And this problem is also problems for many women around the world. So I have seen many that woman remarried just for the sake of living cost. Cannot blame them, while the kids still need their mother around, at the same time the mother need to provide for the kids. And finding a job where a woman can bring their kids to work is definitely difficult. But without a job, how can a single mum provide the kid.

In this case, I am pretty lucky. My family is really supporting. I can leave my daughter to work while leaving her with my extended family. Beside the arrangement, I also have enough education to get a higher salary paying job. But even with all of that, I still cannot pursue a career in the line of my work. When it is needed, I have to resign from the job without any preparation for my daughter. But I still consider myself as lucky. Even though I have to resign from 8 to 5 daily job, I have skill that I can sell and earn money. That’s way I can still send my daughter to international private school.

So, being a single mum is never easy, hopefully people don’t easily judge a woman who suddenly become a single mum not by choice.


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