Enjoying A Moment in Changi Airport

Enjoying A Moment in Changi Airport

Enjoying A Moment in Changi Airport

I have been travelling to overseas many times for work. The moment I am waiting for when travelling to overseas is not the country where I will go, but the airport where I will pass on when travelling. I prefer the airport than the place I go. It’s not the airport is better than the destination, but in the airport I can feel different kind atmosphere. Some people are in hurry, some people are enjoying the airport, some people are preparing for the work and many more. Also the people in the airport speak in many different languages. One of the best airport in the world is Changi, Singapore.

Most of the time I travel, must transit in Changi. I cannot count how many times I have transit in Changi. Sometimes it’s short time and sometimes it’s long time until I stay over in a day in Changi. When my boss over me to stay in hotel instead of staying in Changi, I reject it. I prefer stay in Changi than I have to rush in the morning from hotel to airport. And staying in Changi means I can enjoy many things and many restaurant also available there.

In Changi I can find a relaxing places. My favorite is Terminal 2 where I can sleep there surrounded by made man garden. With view airplane and around the sleeping places island is plant, it felt relaxing. If you need activity, don’t like just relaxing and do nothing, Changi offers a lot of activity and entertainment. The activity offers are range from activity for kids to activity for adults. And the best part is all are that is free. Except for the shops and restaurant, everything that Changi offers is free.

That’s why I am looking forward to staying in the airport compare to arrive in the destination.


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