Choosing A Live as A Woman Engineer

Choosing A Live as A Woman Engineer

Choosing A Live as A Woman Engineer

I am an engineer, I work in many different plants and projects, I am a woman. For me, an engineer and a woman is special. Many women goes to technical school, get their degree in engineering. But when it comes to work, an engineering degree has a lot of choice of work, even many non engineering jobs prefer worker with engineering degree. So after graduate, many women choose non engineering jobs compare to engineering job. It make the women engineer population become smaller in the man world of engineering. Seeing a woman stay in the engineering field also become more special.

An engineer is not an easy profession, especially engineer work in the project. The long hour works in the project even have to overstay in days or weeks, the travelling to never know where for the project, the surprise thing happen in the projects and mostly must update with the latest engineering technology in each field. 10 years ago, the programming language is so much different with the programming languange now. If an IT engineer did not update his or her knowledge, they cannot find a job and finally hard to get a job.

With this kind of condition, becoming an engineer need a big commitment. It’s not a job, but it’s way of live. Because most of our time spend on the job from the job itself to learning new knowledge of the engineering field.

And being a woman after married carried a lot of responsibility in the family, especially with the kids. When my daughter was still in her early years, I have to resign from the engineering job and become a full mum. When I can leave her, I leave her for the engineering job. It’s all of my time is an engineer, no mummy time.

Luckily these days, many modern company accommodate a woman engineer and at the same time being a mum for her kids.


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